• Participating organizations will decide which of the categories they want to enter for and fill the online form appropriately.
  • Details of the work should be clearly stated – such as:
  • Campaign Title,
  • Media, Duration and credits for the work (Names of Creative Director, Copywriter, Art Director etc.)
  • Upload any additional documents that add credence to the entry.
  • Each entry must have a schedule, detailing when and where the ad, content or promotion was deployed.
  • Entry must include a summary of the Client's brief in not more than one hundred words.
  • A fee of will be charged for entry into regular categories.
  • All entries must have been run/exposed in media visible to Nigerian consumers.
  • Copyright ownership of the entry must rest in the Nigeria member-agency.
  • CAMPAIGN and LAIF EFFECTIVENESS CATEGORIES bear a different participation fee per entry.
  • Entries are only valid AFTER payment has been confirmed.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by evidence of deployment (e.g. certificate of transmission, tear sheets etc).
  • All entries must be submitted on or before the Entry Close Date.
  • Each entry must clearly state the media/medium and category being registered for.
  • All entries must have been run/exposed between June 2022 and July 2023.
  • Agencies must provide evidence to back up the claim.
  • Only work originated and created by a Nigerian member-agency qualifies to be entered.

You can enter any work that is created for the Nigerian and “Ghanaian”.

  • The LAIF Awards is open to ALL and ONLY members of the AAAN.
  • Non-AAAN members are allowed to enter for just a few categories under different regulations.
  • The LAIF Awards is open to all areas of Brand Communication per category – including but not limited to Advertising, PR, Design, Architecture & Interior Design, Live Events & Activations, Sponsorships, Digital Media and Social Media – and any area where a brand interacts with consumers.
  • Anyone involved in the creation, publishing or production of the work may submit an entry (including directly from the brand, agency or production company).
  • All submissions must have a brand association.
  • In the case of multiple agencies working on a particular project/ campaign, all parties must agree on the agency to put in the entry and must have agreed on how the credits will be recognized. Any duplicated entry from another agency with same entry will be cancelled. No refunds will be granted on multiple entries.
  • All student work, created and submitted to a registered educational institution from the Eligible agency, may be entered. Unless permission is granted by the LAIF Awards in writing, student work should be submitted by the School/ College/ University, rather than directly by the individual student.

Entries that meet any one of the following 2 options will be accepted:

  • CREATED FOR THE NIGERIAN MARKET: Work that has been created specifically for and to run in Nigeria, irrespective of where the work was originated or produced. EXAMPLE 1: A German agency creates a campaign for a USA brand, specifically to flight in Africa. EXAMPLE 2: A South African agency creates a campaign to run in West Africa , for a global brand. NOTE: A Global campaign that happens to flight in the region is NOT eligible.
  • CREATED BY THE NIGERIAN MARKET: Work that has been created to run globally, or in any market in the world, as long as the work was conceptualized/originated by companies based in Africa or the Globally.
  • All work is judged according to 5 criteria:
  • Innovation
  • Quality of execution
  • Relevance to brand
  • Relevance to target audience
  • Relevance to chosen medium
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold and Grand Prix may be awarded in the main categories.
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold may be award to Craft Categories.
  • Shortlisted Entries and Winners all get Award Certificates.
  • Agency in-house/self-promotional work will be awarded no higher than a Silver.
  • EXAMPLE: Self Promotion relates to work done by an agency for itself, its subsidiaries, its holding company or agencies within the same group. As an example a design agency designing its own logo is considered self- promotion.
  • The Grand Prix cannot be won by any public service or charity entries, or self-promotional work.
  • Public service, charity or self-promotional work can be entered in all categories but must be marked as such on the entry forms. Work that is carried out for any charitable, welfare or public service organization.
  • Political parties are not considered public service organisations.
  • No work created for the LAIF Season can be entered.
  • The LAIF Reps/AAAN Secretariat Reps may contact the agency, brand, or anyone associated with the entry, during entry processing or during judging, should any questions arise related to the entry.
  • LAIF will endeavour to move entries to more appropriate categories during entry processing and prior to judging. However, it remains the responsibility of the entrant to submit their entry into the correct category and LAIF will not be held responsible for entries submitted incorrectly. Entrants will be informed of any proposed changes to their entries. During judging the Jury are not allowed to move entries between categories.

For more information about judging please go to the judging section on the website.

  • Credits will be used to calculate the Official Rankings – including Brand, Agency and Regional Agency Group of the Year. Individual rankings such as Executive Creative Director are also calculated using the credits you provide.
  • Brand, Agency and Agency Group of the Year will be announced at the awards during Creative Week.
  • For all other rankings, a period will be provided after the awards for entrants to check and amend credits before the Official Rankings are published. Once published, no more changes to the credits will be accepted.
  • All requests to withdraw an entry must be made in writing.
  • Requests made prior to the Entry Deadline may be replaced with another entry.
  • Entries cancelled after the Entry Deadline may not be replaced.
  • No Refunds on Entries: Under no circumstances will refunds of any fees or costs relating to Entries or entry into the Awards be issued to Entrants. The fees paid for Entries are intended to cover the costs of administration, processing and judging the Entries and Awards.
  • Any Entries disqualified by LAIF will not be refunded. This includes duplicate entries and Entries that do not follow the specified rules.

Entries are only submitted when payment is completed on the portal.

Entries open on the 18th of September, 2023 and closes on the 16th of October, 2023.

Entry fees are categorised into three phases.

Early birds (18th of September to 1st of October, 2023) entries are for N65,000

Post Early birds (2nd to 9th October, 2023) entries are for N70,000

Late Entry (10th to 16 October, 2023) entries are for N85,000

Payments for entries are to be done strictly on the portal through the payment gateway.


EARLY BIRD ENTRY: 18th of September to 1st of October, 2023

POST EARLY BIRD ENTRY: 2nd to 9th October, 2023

LATE ENTRY: 10th to 16th October, 2023


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